~ Elite Luxury Companion ~

~ Fiery Redhead ~ Purveyor Of Fantasies ~

~ Available in Florida, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta, and other cities by request ~

~ Worldwide ~

"Some women fear the fire, some simply become it..."

-r.h. sin

Merchant of delight, Master of pleasure...You have stumbled upon an irresistible, audacious, auburn haired companion, model, and muse. I save lives during the day and provide luxury companionship in my spare moments. At first glance, I offer the impression of a fiery haired Amazon beauty. Take a second (or third, or fourth!) look and you may just discover that my gorgeous smile hides a myriad of mysteries...

Tall, beautiful redheads are rare creatures indeed! Some call it a unicorn sighting. Even I get excited when I’m lucky enough to cross paths with another beautiful redhead! I have learned to embrace the unique hue, pale skin, and saucy personality that is common with fiery haired sirens and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. A redhead may not be everyone’s cup of tea…like Irish whiskey, you either love us or you don’t!

Nothing fascinates me more than an innovative, intelligent mind and I find that humor (especially sarcasm) is a tell tale sign of intelligence. In my career field, I am surrounded by highly educated professionals and have discovered that the secret to success is to surround yourself with successful people! I very much appreciate sophisticated companionship, intellectual chemistry, and an opportunity to connect on a level that most only dream about. An open mind, a nonjudgemental spirit, and enthusiasm to create an unforgettable experience is my offering to you…

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller


“Anticipation of pleasure is, in itself, a very considerable pleasure.”

~ David Hume