"You owe it to yourself to want more for yourself."   ~ r.h. sin

"You owe it to yourself to want more for yourself."

~ r.h. sin

90 min: may be available while touring, please inquire

2 hour tease (minimum): $1400

3 hour taste: $2000

4 hour dinner date: $2500

5 hour rendezvous: $3000

6 hour escape: $3500

12 hours sleepover with dinner date: $5500

24 hours in ecstasy: $8000 (For longer excursions, please inquire)

Couples requests are always welcome! Please add $500 to any package if you would like to add a little spice to an intimate adventure between you and your partner. I have found myself smitten with a few ladies in the past and have discovered that I love to introduce curious but shy females to the lovely pleasures that belong to only the ladies...

If you prefer, I can bring my own gorgeous friend (or friends)! I have several stunning girlfriends (and male companions!) in various parts of the country with whom I love to share engagements...the chemistry is inescapable! You know what they say..."If two wrongs don't make a right, try three!" 



Donation: Upon arrival, please place donation in an unsealed envelope in plain sight. If we meet in public, please have donation ready and present in a small gift bag, magazine, or newspaper. We will not discuss it in any way. Compensation is for my time and companionship only. If by chance you desire to extend our date past the scheduled time frame, please be prepared with the appropriate donation amount handy.

Hygiene: Proper hygiene can be very sexy! Obviously, since I am in the medical field, hand washing is a must (It's always flu season!). You are always welcome to shower when you arrive and prior to leaving. If you have already freshened up, however, I only request that you wash your hands before the session.

Cancellations: It is understandable that life happens and challenges may arise to prevent our scheduled date. Cancellations made with less than 48hrs notice will require a 50% cancellation fee. This can certainly count as a deposit for a future date! Please respect my time as I do yours.