“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.”
— Mark Twain
“The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.”

“The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.”

Temptress and Muse. Purveyor of fantasies...if your fantasy includes a statuesque, stunning auburn haired vixen, that is! Legs for miles, porcelain skin, and luscious curves are only a hint of the seductress inside. My physical attributes may catch your eye; however, my clever wit, intelligence, and sultry nature will intoxicate and leave you wanting more...

A degree in the medical field has given me great knowledge of the human body and you will find my touch to be sensual, unrestrained, and erotic. I am highly educated and well versed in many topics...I enjoy a lively debate and I appreciate sarcasm and humor! An intellectual mind both fascinates me and arouses me! Some have called me a "hot nerd" and I must admit it is a great compliment to be accused of having both beauty AND brains! So please, talk nerdy to me! 

Not only am I passionate about helping others, I am equally as determined to enjoy life in an unconventional way. As a Taurus, I am always engaged in the pursuit of all things pleasurable! Queen of hedonistic pleasures, a female Taurus is sensually self indulgent but also an extremely giving, enthusiastic partner when it comes to intimate adventures. I revel in abandoning all inhibitions and encourage the same in my partners. Our time together is a decadent escape from the mundanities of everyday life...Won't you join me in an unforgettably erotic, thrilling, and mutually satisfying adventure?

"She was a storm. Not the kind you run from.    The kind you chase"  ~ r.h. sin

"She was a storm. Not the kind you run from.

The kind you chase" ~ r.h. sin